Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SAC Northern Conference


So Bruce, who is in charge of USACFC and Nats was so impressed with the growth of our team that we have been invited to the SAC Northern Conference meet on Sunday October 2nd next fall. This is huge for us. This is an event set up like Nats with full, separate gender squads. We will be fencing against:


We got invited to this event due to the incredible commitment of everyone on the team this year and we hope to keep the momentum up for next year. So all you not graduating people mark your calendar and get PUMPED!!!

Congrats guys! Getting invited to this is a big step for us as a team!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Congrats to the sabre team, which came in third for this fencing season! We now have a shiny new trophy to show off!

Indivs and Squad Captains

"Hi everyone,

First off Congrats to Kat and Mailin who both fenced at Indivs on Sat. Kat came in 8th in Sabre and both deserve a huge round of applause for competing!

Second Congrats to your Squad Captains for next year: Joel, Kat and Claire!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bake Sale

For those who would like to get reimbursed for their money from Nationals (and for those who would like to raise money for the team and generally be good people), here's Rebecca's email about the bake sale:

"Hey team,

So the bakesale will be next saturday, the 23rd, at Eastern Market from 11-3/4. While some lovely people have offered to bake, we don't not have enough people to work the table and really need some more people to bake. Please email or text me so I know what you can contribute - if you tell me in person I won't remember.


New Squad Captains

Congrats to the new squad captains for the 2011 - 2012 school year!

Foil - Joel Klein
Epee - Claire Wilhelm
Sabre - Kat Tsiatas

Update of End of the Year Dinner

An update from Jo about the end of the year dinner/get-together:

"At Pollaidh's Place (Ivory Tower) on Friday, April 29th at 8:30pm. We will serving dinner and supplying some drinks, but if people could make donations that would eally help. We will be giving out awards, gag gifts and making general merriment. Please RSVP so we know how much of everything we need. I know no one has a Saturday exam so no excuses!!!"

Monday, April 11, 2011


From Jo:

"We will continue to have regular practices until Sunday, May 8th. That will be our final practice for the semester. We will be playing fencing risk and doing other fun activities.

Thank you to everyone for a great job this weekend!!"

End of the Year Dinner

From Jo:

"We are starting a new tradition this year. I am personally very proud and amazed with how the team grew and prospered this year and thus I want to an end of the year dinner/ party. It will consist of food, drinks, merriment, bonding and team awards.

It will be held on Friday April 29th at a TBA location and time. If we have serious problems with the date let me know ASAP.

We will giving out three awards:
MVP- A fencer who has shown dedication, leadership and skill
The Spirit Bear- A fencer who has shown dedication, enthusiasm and excitement in supporting the team
Most Improved- A First Year fencer who has grown and developed his or her skills considerably

I am putting underclassmen in charge of gag gifts. These are joking (not mean) awards for your team mates. Not everyone needs to receive a gag gift and I would like the underclassmen to work together/ in small groups to figure this out. Gag gifts can go to anyone on the team, but try and keep them a surprise for that person."

Reminder About Indivs

From Jo:

"I need to let Wayne know by 4pm tomorrow who is attending Indivs at Bryn Mawr next Sat. Right now I believe Dave, Katt, Matt, and Jim were all interested. Please send me a confirmation email. Anyone else please let me know. I am paying for the event, you just need to pay for transport (Zipcar)."


From Jo:

"For anyone who paid for expenses on this trip, we do not have enough in the account to reimburse everyone. So the plan is for right now seniors are getting reimbursed first. Everyone else who paid OVER 30 dollars will be reimbursed next fall with club funds. I went through the majority of the receipts that I have and it seems everyone was wonderful about pitching in and paying for something. As I said before the event things like gas money and food would need to be paid for my team members in lieu of a travel charge. Thus anyone who spent more than 30 dollars will be reimbursed the difference, but for some people it may be marked and returned in the fall.

If you are a senior and I do not have your receipts I need them by tomorrow night as EAFs are due by Friday at the latest. For all non seniors get me your receipts and I will see what them team can do. "

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nationals Hotel Info

Hotel Address:
Chicago O'Hare Garden Hotel
8201 W. Higgins Rd.
Chicago, Illinois 60631 USA
Phone: 1-773-693-2323

Packing for Nationals

Make sure you have:

Clothing (t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, sleep clothes)
Food Money (If you are buying Lunch I need all orders by tomorrow and Money on Friday)
Whites (Jacket, Underarm guard, knickers, glove, mask, BP)
Socks- club pair and perhaps a spare if you have them.

Please do not bring unless absolutely necessary:
More than 100
Any extra credit cards
Anything valuable

Try and keep all personal belongings in a Backpack sized bag or Smaller. I will be passing out T-shirts. If you haven't paid please bring you 16 dollars.

Schedule for Nationals


9:00-9:30pm - Meet at the Lerner Health and Wellness Center (Helwell) with all your personal belongings to help load the vans full of team gear. Try and keep all personal belongings in a Backpack sized bag or Smaller. I will be passing out T-shirts. If you haven't paid please bring you 16 dollars.

10:00pm - Depart Helwell

10:00pm to 10:00 am - Drive. We will have marked rest stops. Drivers do not need to stop at all of them, but should stop at least every four hours or so. No driver is to drive more than 5 hours without a break and no more than 6 hours in a row.
One other non driver must be awake at all times. Take turns.


10:00am - Arrive in Chicago. We will all park our cars in the same parking garage at the UofC campus. Everyone will be free to go in groups of three or more people around the city. If you are meeting friends or family I need to know and I need their phone number.

5:00pm - Arrive back at the UofC for check. Set up strips, confirm Lunch orders.

5:30pm - Leave for the hotel.

6:00pm - Arrive at hotel. Check in, settle, and then gather for group dinner (Pizza!)

10:00pm - Everyone is back in their rooms.

10:30pm - Lights out


5:00am - WAKE UP

5:30am - Pack up and head to UofC

6:30-7:20am - Men's Check in

8:30am - Men's Pools Begin

9:30-10:30 - Women's Check in

1:00pm - Women's Pools begin

8:00pm - Done for Day (we hope). Get dinner (local diner?)

9:30pm - Back to Hotel

10:30pm - Bed time

Sunday (if competing)

6:00am - Wake up

6:30am - Packed and to venue

7:15am - USACFC Meeting/ Check in

8:30am - Men's Bracket

1:30pm - Women's Bracket

TBA - Leave when all fencer's have finished competing.

Drive Home

If we have no one competing Sunday we will relax Sat night at the hotel and leave around 10am Sunday for home.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Update on Indivs

"Hi everyone,

So Wayne has let me know that no matter what we have to pay for Indivs and sent at least one person to the event. As a result the club will pay for the Tournament but that means that we will not have cash for nationals and all gas money, etc will have to be paid for through the 250 or so we have left in our SA budget.

That means that anyone who wants to go can, the club will pay the admission fee. However you still need to arrange your own transport to and from Bryn Mawr. It is about a 2 hr drive and zipcars aren't expensive.

IF YOU STILL OR NOW WANT TO GO LET ME KNOW ASAP. I have to send at least one person but since we are paying for 12, 12 of you should go. The event is Sat, April 16th.



Saturday, April 2, 2011


"Hi everyone

As of right now I only have about three people signed up for Indivs on April 16th. That means that unless those people want to pay themselves the $250 entry fee, we either need more fencers or we will not be attending this year. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP if you want to attend. If you think about it it would be about 22 dollars to get in and maybe another 20 or so for zip car or if people want to loan cars. For students not able to attend Nats this is a great practice opportunity for you. If anyone else is interested let me know by Monday please.

Thanks guys and I am sorry about the restrictions on the event.