Thursday, March 31, 2011


If you want to pick up team socks, come to practice on Thursday! Also, if you haven't paid for your T-shirt or picked up your jacket yet, Thursday's practice would be a good time for that.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lunch at Nationals

Send Jo your choices by Sunday, and make sure to note everything you want with the order. Bring money for lunch with you to the event.

All prices include tax and tip

Pizza – Each Serves 4
· Cheese $17
· Sausage $20
· Green Peppers $20
· Stuffed Spinach $25

o The stuffed spinach pizza is a Chicago tradition. It is recommended for the end of the competitive day.

Sandwiches – Each Serves 1 & comes with chips, a cookie and a beverage. Sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, mayonaise, and cheese. (No substitutions but elimination possible) Drinks: Coke & Diet Coke
· Turkey $8
· Smoked Ham $8
· Roast Beef $8
· Vegetarian $8
· Tuna Salad $8

Car and Room Assignments for Nationals

1 Hunter and Jo (driving): Claire, Rebecca, Tanvir, Mailin, Ali
2 Dave (driving): Pollaidh, Augie, Matt, Jim, Colleen, Beasley
3 Ron (driving) Madeleine, Landon, Taylor, Kat, Krista

1 Jo, Claire, Rebecca, Colleen
2 Ron, Tanvir, Landon
3 Pollaidh, Kat, Krista, Taylor
4 Hunter, Augie, Jim
5 Madeleine, Beasley, Ali, Mailin
6 Dave, Matt

Bake Sale Results

"Hi everyone,

I am EXTREMELY proud to say we raised 260 dollars today at the bake sale! That is incredible! That should cover a good deal of our gas expenses. Thank you to everyone who baked and worked! You did a wonderful job!


Bryn Mar College Fencing Championships (Indivs)

"Hi everyone,

So due to our high costs this year with Nationals and the restrictions on Indivs, here is how the event will work. There will be four fencer's per weapon. Priority goes to any senior who would like to attend. Then all other spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis. You must have competed in either the Fall or Spring BWCFC Team event.

The club will NOT be paying for the event, which is 250 dollars. Thus the cost will be divided between the 12 people who choose to attend, about 22 dollars each. Those attending are also responsible to arranging their own transport to and from Bryn Mawr. I will be providing our $50 conference dues from Team money, but that is it. All other expenses are on the fencers.

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to attend as I need to send them our roster in like 2 days.

Sorry for this format. I am extremely disappointed with how the event is being run this year.