Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bake Sale Results

"Hey Everyone!

Great Job on the bakesale! We made 228$ in total. I will be speaking with Jo and find out who still needs to be reimbursed. I will try to reimburse everyone who has spent over 30$ on the trip to nationals.

There seems to be a consensus that a majority of people do not want/will not be here for practice on sunday, so there will be NO practice sunday. If this is incorrect please let me know.

Thanks for a great year! See you all in august


Monday, May 2, 2011

More Info on Bake Sale


So the bake sale rain day is this thursday from 10-2. Most of the baked goods will be fine, however if you would like to donate something because baking relieves finals stress - it is very welcome :). It will be outside the FOGGY BOTTOM METRO STATION. So far the following people have volunteered:

Ali - 10-12
Claire - 12-2
Coleen - 11-1

It would be best if there was always at least two people were there. If you can just come for an hour that would be great. Please email me as I will not be there if you will be contributing. I will be there for set up and take down and would appreciate the help with moving things from my apartment and back. So far Ron and Ali believe they can help me bring everything to the metro, please confirm! One other person would be best - preferrably someone who can also work from 10-11 as well as one person to help me carry the table back.

Thanks Everybody!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bake Sale Rain Date

"Hey everybody,

thanks for the valiant effort today but we got rained out. :( We still have lots to sell so we will be doing a rain date on this thursday the 5th of May. I will be there to set up and take down and will need someone who can help me take everything from my house to the FOGGY BOTTOM METRO -that is the location. I will not be able to be there, so someone else will be in charge during the sale, and someone will probably have to help me take everything back to my place. If we can get people to do one hour shifts that would be best so we dont sacrifice too much from our finals. We made 53$ in an hour and a half at Eastern Market - good job!

So email me when you can work that thursday and if you cannot please also let me know.

Thank you