Thursday, September 29, 2011

New to fencing tournaments? Want to brush up on what to bring to a tournament?

Taylor from the foil squad was nice enough to write a list of tournament suggestions!

  1. Knee length socks (You MUST wear knee high socks whenever you are fencing in a competitive setting, the socks will go under your knickers, and must cover all of your skin - some directors are VERY particular about this)

  2. Good sneakers - you’ll be fencing a lot more than you do in a typical practice and your feet and knees will get sore if you don’t have good supportive shoes. And something with good traction is important, seeing as gym floors get covered with grime very quickly, you’ll want as much traction as possible.

  3. shorts and t-shirt to wear under your knickers - they are white. And whatever floats your boat, but I’m not partial to hundreds of people seeing my undergarments through my knickers... Girls, I recommend either spandex, just because it doesn’t get all bunchy under your knicker, and is more comfortable at least for me. But soffee shorts work just perfectly too. Guys.... ask another guy. Sorry, but seeing as I’m not one, I’m not much help :)

  4. deodorant (...seriously, please, that should be self explanatory [for life in general], but just in case... )

  5. food or money for food (you will get hungry, really hungry. and you will want food, lots and lots of food. My suggestions are fruit snacks, pretzels, granola bars and trail mix, or anything like that. Stuff that you can eat in small bites, has some protein and carbs and is NOT TO HEAVY, which you will really regret as soon as you get back on the strip, I promise.

  6. WATER/Gatorade - SOOOOO important! I love you all and don’t want anyone fainting from dehydration. It happened once on my high school team and its scary stuff, and makes Taylor sad. Staying hydrated is THE most important thing. Yes, you can buy water at the tournament most of time, but I don’t know about ya’ll, but I don’t like paying $5 for a bottle of water when I have a brita filter in my fridge... Soooo, I HIGHLY recommend bringing a large re-fillable water bottle with you.

  7. A book/cards etc.. - there is often a lot of down time at tournaments, and I HIGHLY suggest not bringing anything TOO VALUABLE, as things have a tendency to “grow legs” at fencing tournaments... I’ve had spandex stolen before. 1. gross. 2. if people steal SPANDEX imagine how nice iPad’s and stuff like that looks...

  8. Bring an ipod and...

  9. Make a pump up mix! seriously, I have a “fencing music” playlist, which I listen to on repeat for hours before I fence, and it really helps me get in the zone!

  10. SLEEP! Seriously, sleep the night before. Sleep a lot more than you usually would. I know tournaments are often on sundays. I know we’re in college and no one actually goes to bed early on saturdays, but do your best, Don’t get crazy. You can do that on friday ;) bottom line, the better rested you are the better your body can function, and the better you’ll fence.

- Taylor :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Good News and New Dates

Good news: we will be hosting SAC next year!

Also, the upcoming events list on the sidebar has been updated with new tournament dates, times, and locations, including the potluck team dinner and BWCFC. Check it out!

The potluck team dinner on Friday, September 30 requires a dish and a $5 contribution. Email Rebecca at if you can come and let her know what you'll be bringing (non-junk food).

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weapons Demo

Thanks to everyone who came to the weapons demo yesterday! If you have any questions about weapons, rules, tournaments, etc., send an email to !

Our next practice will be on Tuesday at the Health and Wellness Center from 10 pm to midnight. See you there!