Thursday, November 17, 2011

BWCFC Results

Congrats to everyone who participated in BWCFC! The GWU fencing team finished 7th (out of 10) overall, 9th in foil, 7th in epee, and 5th in sabre. Individual results for our fencers is below, though if you would like more detailed results, let me know!

Foil (of 46)
Kyle Panzer - 19th
Joel Klein - 29th
Taylor Eldridge - 36th
Sofiya Elukin - 44th

Epee (of 48)
Claire Wilhelm - 12th
Landon Elkind - 15th
Adam Sulier - 25th
Colleen Teubner - 32nd

Sabre (of 46)
Augustus Urschel - 5th
Jim Crudele - 17th
Kat Tsiatas - 18th
Krista Harbold - 36th

Monday, November 7, 2011

2011 Temple Open Results

Congrats to all our fencers who went to the 2011 Temple Open tournament on Saturday and Sunday! GW paid for the zipcars and hotel rooms, which was awesome. The results of our team's fencers are below, but to find the complete list, click on the links for the women's results and the men's results.

Foil (out of 85)
57. Eldridge, Taylor

Epee (out of 92)
16. Wilhelm, Claire
64. Teubner, Colleen

Saber (out of 87)
27. Tsiatas, Katherine
73. Harbold, Krista

Foil (out of 89)
54. Klein, Joel

Epee (out of 100)
56. Elkind, Landon

Saber (out of 100)
45. Urschel, Augie
46. Crudele, Jim

Thursday, November 3, 2011

BWCFC, Zipcar Challenge, Club Sports Night, and Team Sweatpants

BWCFC is November 13th! Don't forget that you are responsible for your own whites, socks, and mask. You can borrow mask and whites, but ONLY if you let Landon know (his email is in the recent email sent out). If you would like to order your own equipment, let Rebecca know by this Saturday at noon with cash.

We don't have enough equipment for everyone to borrow everything. Your squad leaders will have definite lists by Tuesday, November 8th. But if you can  - and you really need to - get your own underarm guard and BP (women only).

The Zipcar challenge will be after BWCFC (November 13th), but we really need more volunteers! Email Rebecca if you'd like to help out. We need more people to win the $3700 prize, given every month.

Club Sports Night is November 16th (check your facebook for the event). Our team can win zipcar time (which saves us a lot of money), shirts, money, and more! Attendance is free with your GWorld.

Sweatpants are ready to be ordered! They are underarmor weatherproof sweatpants (very nice) with our logo on the left pocket (don't worry, George is facing out). If you want one, let Rebecca know by November 18th. Since this is a team fundraiser and the money made goes to helping us out for tournaments and such, the sweatpants are $65. Family members can buy them for you as well, so you can ask for the sweatpants for your holiday celebration.

Check your email for news about a possible Team Adventure!